Lead the Conversation is a content creation service for executives, focused on helping C-level leaders develop compelling content and lead the the kind of industry conversations that create relationships.

The thought capital represented by your top leaders is invaluable. It’s also largely inaccessbile. C-Suiters are too busy to create content. And ghostwriters can’t quite capture an executive’s true passion, personality or anything but a canned perspective.

Lead the Conversation provides very experienced interviewers who can sit down with your leaders periodically and quickly capture, through natural conversations on video, a trove of authentic insights. We can then turn them into videos, articles, blog posts, podcasts…all manner of business-building content.

We can also create interview series where your executives are the interviewers, providing them a platform to invite clients and prospects to participate in the conversation — the industry conversation your organization will then be leading.

Chief Conversation Officer

Chuck Kent

Chuck is a writer, brand strategist and content creator with decades of experience spanning multiple categories. His interviewing skills are on display in his role as the creator and moderator of the Branding Roundtable for Branding Magazine, and as a contributor to CEO World magazine.

Lead the Conversation provides a practical way to develop authentic thought leadership content for busy executives. We also help the C-Suite create and lead industry conversations, to which they can invite other leaders, turning prospects into relationships

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We help top executives create:
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