Lead the Conversation offers two main service areas: thought leadership creation for executives, and the development of content and programs that create industry conversations and relationships.

Executive Thought Leadership

Content Development

Lead the Conversation offers packages that provide a practical way to help busy C-Suite leaders, or even leadership groups, create meaningful content that truly reflects their thinking and the unique brand platform of the organization. We work with you to develop a content calendar and then periodically interview your leaders on key topics, using video.  These approximately hour-long video sessions can cover multiple subjects, which we then repurpose into numerous content forms, including:

  • Short, topic-specific videos
  • Blog posts
  • Bylined articles
  • Podcasts

The result is thought leadership content that truly reflects each leader’s best thinking and unique voice, but that requires very little of their time to create.

To make this both time- and cost-efficient, we offer package pricing at several levels,
in addition to custom pricing.


Team Thought Leadership

Content Development

You can more easily involve, engage and empower any functional team (or cross-functional team) in your organization, via the same type of periodic video interviewing and repurposing described above.  This can be especially effective and efficient when teams come together for conferences or other meetings, and the results can be used for

  • Short, topic-specific videos
  • Training or corporate culture videos
  • Blog posts
  • Podcasts
  • Interview-based eBooks/whitepapers

You will also discover that once your teams are included in creating content for your brand, they are much more likely to become external brand advocates (particularly on social media) and internal brand champions.


Conversation Leadership


Imagine your CEO as an interviewer with a regular column related to your organization’s key purpose (and presumably your industry’s key need).  This not only creates valuable content and all the marketing benefits that suggests, but also gives your leader a value-added, relationship-building reason to contact and talk to virtually anyone in your prospect set – not to sell, but to help them tell their story. We will work with your executives, new business development and communications and media relations resources to:

  • Develop interview series concepts
  • Identify and recruit interviewees
  • Craft artciles and other content
    from the interviews
  • Assist in conducting interviews

For those ready to “lead the conversation” to the next level, we help conceive and develop industry groups for your executives to direct.These can include roundtables, councils, clubs or advisory groups.






Lead the Conversation provides a practical way to develop authentic thought leadership content for busy executives. We also help the C-Suite create and lead industry conversations, to which they can invite other leaders, turning prospects into relationships.

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